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How 2020 Has Impacted Online User Behavior

How 2020 Has Impacted Online User Behavior

A year of lockdowns and stress has fundamentally changed the way your users interact with your website. People spent more time online, on social networks, on video calling platforms like Zoom, and reading endless news headlines. Here's what you need to know about online user behavior in 2020.

How 2020 Has Changed Your Website's Audience

E-commerce is the norm.

2020 found more people sheltering in place, which led users to shop and order online for their day-to-day needs. Today's users expect to be able to access your entire customer experience on your website.

This trend towards e-commerce and online ordering is expected to continue after the pandemic wanes. Consumers report that the instances they shop online will increase from 32% to 37% after the outbreak.

More people are using their desktops.

One surprising change to online user behavior this year has been the growth of desktop vs. mobile phone use. Facebook's website saw a 27% increase in use during the pandemic, but their app only grew by 1.1%. YouTube's website saw 45% growth, but app use decreased by 4.5%.

This is supported by shopping trends as well -- more people bought PCs this year, while smartphone sales fell. 

Tech that empowers remote work is here to stay.

Websites and tech that support working from home have seen growth over the past year as more companies turned to remote work. Zoom saw a 20x increase in daily users, reflecting the rise of working from home.

This isn't a temporary change, either. 30% of people plan to increase the amount they work from home in the future, and 46% of people who never worked from home before the pandemic plan to do so more often in the future.

This makes it important to focus on website and app development that make managing a remote workforce easier, such as investing in online training platforms.

Greater emphasis on local SEO.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business reach searchers in your community by ranking for terms like "local bike shops" or "grocery stores near me."

Investing in local SEO can help small businesses take advantage of the rising popularity of supporting local. 53% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a local business vs. a national retailer during the COVID-19 pandemic, as communities band together to help small companies survive the crisis. The right SEO strategy can help local organizations reach these consumers more effectively.

The past year has dramatically changed day-to-day life, and that includes our online lives. How has 2020 changed the way you shop and work online? Share with us on social.

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