How To:

Add html signature to Microsoft Outlook

Step 1

Open Outlook.  In the upper left corner, click "File" and select "Options" from the left menu.

Step 2

In the dialog box, select "Mail" and then select "Signatures." Another dialog box will open; in it select the button titled "New." Create a new signature (don't worry about adding text to body, but take note of the title).  In the dropdown titled "New Messages" change to select your new signature.  Follow the same process with the dropdown titled "Reples/Forwards." Click OK. 

Step 3

On your keyboard find a key with this icon on it: . This is the Windows key. Press and hold it down, then press R. A dialog box will open. In this box, type "%appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures" and hit OK.

Step 4

A dialog box titled "Signatures" will open.  Find the file matching the name of the signature you created and ending in ".HTM" (or the HTML File Type).  Right click on this file, select "Open With," and choose "Note Pad." Delete everything in this file and paste in the html you generated here. Save and close the file.

You're done!!!

Congrats! Now you can send an email with your new signature!

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