November 14, 2016

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How to Convince the Boss Your Company Needs a Website Redesign

Two professional women in a meeting reviewing a website redesign.

Do you open up your company’s webpage and cringe? You may be convinced a redesign could help you make more sales. Maybe your site layout is outdated, or the navigation is confusing.

You know your company website desperately needs a makeover. But how do you convince the boss that it’s a good idea?

It’s not always easy to sell your boss on a website redesign, even if you know it would benefit the company. After all, a good redesign requires time and valuable resources to complete.

This guide will help you convince even the toughest managers that a website redesign is a great investment.

How to Prove You Need A Website Redesign

When you pitch your idea, you’ll need to be able to tell your boss exactly why a new site is a good idea. If you can prove that a redesign will help your company thrive, you’ll have management’s attention.

These two tips will help you sell the idea:

#1: Know What Motivates Your Boss

To win over your boss on a redesign, it’s important to know what will motivate him or her best.

  • Is your company facing any specific challenges?
  • Could a new site design help solve those challenges?

One of the most effective motivators is money. After all, very business’s goal is to turn a profit. A website redesign can allow you to build brand awareness, cultivate better relationships with your customers, and ultimately make more sales.

#2: Back Your Argument With Data

Executives have to think in numbers- that’s how they ensure their business is successful. So remember to have plenty of data to back yourself up. You can use that data to show your boss what the return on investment for a website redesign would be.

Say, for example, you want to convince your boss to invest in a mobile-friendly website design, but he doesn’t see the point of investing in a responsive mobile site layout when you already have a decent desktop site.

Don’t just suggest that having a mobile-friendly site would help make more sales. Back yourself up with a solid statistic, such as

82% of smartphone users consult their phones when in a store choosing a product to buy.

You’ll also want to have plenty of data specific to your company. You can use your site’s analytics to show where your current site is missing the mark.

For example, say a poor navigation menu makes it hard to make a purchase from your website. You could then show your boss your site’s bounce rate to demonstrate how a redesign can bring in more money.

Have A Proposal Ready

Once you’ve convinced your boss that a redesign is in your best interest, show him or her that it’s also completely doable. The best way to do this is to have a plan of action ready to go.

Ask yourself:

  • What changes need to be made?
  • Who will build your website?
  • Can you do a redesign in-house or will you hire someone?
  • Who will maintain the site?
  • How much will the project cost?

Your plan should tell your boss:

  1. What needs to be fixed on your site.
  2. Who will do the work.
  3. How much it will cost.

Have a stellar proposal ready to present when you pitch the redesign, but be prepared for your plan to change! If your boss is into the idea, they’ll probably want to have some input.

What If Your Boss Isn’t The Decision Maker?

What do you do if your boss isn’t the one with the final say on whether or not you need a redesign? If you work in a large company, you might not be sure who to go to with your redesign idea.

Here are a few tips to help you get your plan to the right person:

#1: Get your boss on board

Even if your boss isn’t the one making the final decision, you don’t want to go over your supervisor’s head. Once they’re in, they can help by taking you and your presentation to their supervisor, or by helping you find the right person to talk to next.

#2: Know your org chart

Who is the one making the decision? Is it marketing? The CEO? The answer will depend on the size and structure of your company- do a little research and ask around.

Pro tip: if you work at a large company and don’t know everyone, try searching for your colleagues on LinkedIn- that will tell you their job titles and give you a better idea of who the best person to talk to would be.

You can also ask around to find out if a redesign has ever been done before. If so who was in charge of it? They might be able to point you in the right direction.

#3: Aim high

Once you know which people are in charge of making the decision to do a website redesign- aim high! For example, if the marketing department makes decisions on the company website, go directly to the director of marketing.

This is a classic sales tactic that will work for you, too- get as close to the exec who has the final say in the matter and focus on convincing them that a redesign is a great idea.

#4: Follow up

You don’t want to be obnoxious, but we all know how easy it is for something to get buried in an email inbox and forgotten. If you don’t hear back on your idea in a week or two, reach out again.

A great website is a huge benefit to a company. It can make your marketing more effective, help you connect with your customers better, and improve your bottom line.

If you’re struggling to convince your management that a new site would be a good investment – don’t give up! Demonstrate just how a redesign would help your business meet its challenges, and back yourself up with the right data.

A professional website design is a great investment, and with the right pitch you’ll have your boss convinced in no time!

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