GROW is a team of thinkers and doers.

We bring together design, technology, and communications. We help brands identify opportunities and develop platforms that enable them to facilitate business, express themselves, and connect with their audiences.

Toby Briggs - team image

Toby Briggs


Scott Roberts - team image

Scott Roberts


Natalie Santana - team image

Natalie Santana


Jill Briggs - team image

Jill Briggs

Creative Director

 - team image

Jenn Kelly

Director of Operations

Michelle Ryan - team image

Michelle Ryan

Director of User Experience

Jeff Groves - team image

Jeff Groves

Director of Courseware

Anil Suri - team image

Anil Suri

Senior Technology Strategist

Todd Fisher - team image

Todd Fisher

Senior Developer

Jason Sutter - team image

Jason Sutter

Web Developer

Tanner Wilson - team image

Tanner Wilson

Full Stack Developer

Melissa Zimmerman - team image

Melissa Zimmerman

Content Specialist

Samantha Stark-Stoddard - team image

Samantha Stark-Stoddard

Content & SEO Specialist

Josh Nash - team image

Josh Nash

Graphic Designer - Illustrator

Marc Riegel - team image

Marc Riegel

Web Production Specialist

 - team image

Merrianne Duarte “Mimi”


 - team image

Scott Schoonover

QA Analyst

 - team image

Michael Hampton


 - team image

Spencer Wilhelmy

Content Writer

 - team image

Sara Brown

Production Specialist

Gus - team image


Office Dog

 - team image


Office Golden Retriever

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