December 17, 2021

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GROW Creates NFT for Exclusive, Members-Only 1687 Club

The 1687 Club logo superimposed over a teaser image of an NFT.

When the 1687 Club wanted to launch an exclusive, members-only NFT club for icons and influencers, they turned to GROW to bring this incredible vision to life.

The 1687 Club

The 1687 Club was founded by a team of female entrepreneurs with deep ties in the professional sports and entertainment industries to create revenue opportunities in the $10B+ NFT market. This exclusive, women-owned members-only club provides opportunities for members to collaborate on NFT projects and leverage their influence to increase the value of their NFT portfolios.

The 1687 Club is a place for visionaries to create, play, and collaborate with world-class producers, artists, photographers, designers, animators, and changemakers.

Access to the 1687 Club is gained by owning one of the limited 1687 NFTs that doubles as a membership card. 1687 NFT holders receive members-only access to private NFT drops, brand and creator collaborations, and more.

Upcoming NFT drops include collaborations with Melissa Forde and Cannavallé, as well as a 1687 “Trends” series celebrating 20th century culture and fashion trends.

Creating an NFT: a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Art and Blockchain Technology

GROW is no stranger to using blockchain technology to power client projects. We’ve used blockchain to verify the completion of certifications for LMS (learning management systems) projects as well as to assure the accuracy of personnel or financial data.

So our team was particularly excited to combine art + technology to create the 1687 NFTs.

But first, a little background:

NFTs are tokens that represent ownership of unique digital or physical assets.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are supported by Ethereum blockchain technology. NFTs can be any digital asset, including music, videos, video games, or even a signed Tweet, but digital art is making the biggest waves with collectors and investors.

Not only are NFTs being bought, sold, and traded on the blockchain, but NFT collector communities are also springing up around the world. The New York Times calls these a combination of “gated online community, stock-shareholding group, and art-appreciation society.”

The 1687 Club is inspired by the spirit of the original Crop Over tradition that began in Barbados in 1687 to honor the yearly harvest. Today, Crop Over Festival is a 3-month long celebration of life, music, art, culture, and the finer things in life.

GROW took that inspiration of celebrating the finer things in life and infused it into the design of the front-end 1687 Club website as well as the initial series of NFT tokens themselves.

Designing the 1687 Tokens: the First Bespoke NFT

The initial 1687 NFT series introduces several new and innovative features to the world of NFTs, including an avatar builder functionality.

NFT holders can select from an auto-generated avatar or use the avatar builder tool to configure an avatar.

Alternatively, 1687 offers its members the opportunity to create a custom avatar that matches their own physical characteristics, favorite outfits and accessories, hair and makeup, and more.

The 1687 NFT begins with the selection of one of seven big cats: lion, tiger, jaguar, cheetah, cougar, leopard, and snow leopard. From there, the NFT builder tool can configure their cat by selecting gender (male, female, or gender-neutral), clothing, accessories, backgrounds, and more.

“Big cats were selected to symbolize 1687 because they represent diversity and have been used for millennia by cultures around the world to portray majesty, strength, courage, success, leadership, power, influence, and justice. Big cats are born leaders of their domain, yet they exist in complete harmony and balance within their environments. Big cats are the masters of their domain, exude confidence and charisma, have very few natural foes, and other animals yield to them because of their status as apex predators. The term “lionize” is commonly used to glorify or immortalize an individual, so big cats seemed like the perfect symbol to represent 1687."

There is a limited number of NFT tokens available, with a limited number of each cat, adding to the exclusivity and rarity of this initial series.

Integrating Luxury Concierge Service

1687 was founded by a group of female entrepreneurs who wanted to create a series of NFTs that stood apart from many of the existing NFTs available today. For 1687, luxury is the guiding principle for both the avatars and the club experience. This is why luxury concierge services are weaved throughout the entire user experience.

1687 offers services that include the option to have the NFT delivered on a hardware wallet, rather than automatically transferring the token to a digital wallet, custom avatar creation, and more. The concierge services allow the icons, influencers, and entrepreneur members of the club to get white-glove service every step of the way.

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