February 22, 2021

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Launching A Website With Great Teamwork & A Little Perseverance

A computer screen featuring an image of the Mars Rover.

If you were glued to a live stream watching the Mars landing on February 18th, you weren’t alone. Our whole team was watching as the Perseverance Rover touched down! The promise of exploration and the tremendous opportunity we have to collect new knowledge is irresistibly exciting.

GROW is paying homage to the landing with our story of how we get to our own landings. We’re not rocket scientists exactly, but as a web development company, we do know that nothing is more exciting than launch day.

The Path to Launch Day

Your Command Center
What image from the landing touches us more than NASA’s command center, jumping and cheering as the rover touches down safely on Martian soil? Camaraderie like that is what makes big things happen.

You too have a command center of folks working together to make sure your new site launches smoothly. The process relies on collaboration between the design team and development teams to help create a more effective website. A site doesn’t launch without teamwork and… Perseverance.

Detailed Pre-Launch Planning
Perseverance’s journey started long before the 18th, with the selection of landing sites, assembly and testing, and other key planning procedures.

Back on Earth, at the beginning of your website project, we’ll go over your site’s goals and strategy with you, after which the team will create detailed wireframes of the design, a thorough sitemap, and other key website components to ensure a smooth landing for your site.

Data From A New World
Now that Perseverance has landed, its scientific exploration will include searching for ancient life, gathering rocks and soil, and testing the Martian atmosphere. This information is sent back to Earth to deepen our understanding of Mars.

After your site is live, we do the same thing (albeit on a smaller scale) with data tracking and analytics. The data we capture will help us innovate and optimize so your site is always growing and improving.

Space and the internet are each new frontiers in their own right, and for all of us here at GROW, it’s pretty exciting to get to be a part of that. Ready to boldly go with us?

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