September 15, 2021

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GROW Gives Back: Strengthening Communities With Digital Solutions

A woman holds her son while using the computer. Learn more about how GROW is using technology to give back.

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time makes life a little better for everyone, whether that’s teachers who need to report child abuse or families who need a way to pay next month’s rent. GROW is dedicated to creating user-focused websites and software that solve real challenges like these.

Discover how GROW is giving back with our digital solutions.

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Providing a Resource for Reporters of Abuse with Mandated Reporter

GROW created Mandated Reporter to provide a comprehensive resource tool for mandated reporters, individuals required by state and federal law to report abuse including child abuse, elder abuse, and intimate partner violence.

Mandated reporting is a serious duty, and the consequences of failing to report are steep. Taking the appropriate training is crucial to ensuring a mandated reporter is able to do their duty and connect abuse victims with potentially life-saving aid. To help address this need, offers a tool allowing reporters to easily connect with the appropriate training for their state and profession, as well as a library of resources answering questions on reporting abuse.

Since the beginning of this year, the Mandated Reporter site has helped 1,444 reporters find training in their state.

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Connecting Renters with Financial Support with Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s, resulting in job losses and economic turmoil that devastated many American households. Across the country, 1 in 5 renters got behind on rent payments as a result.

The American Rescue Plan, signed into law in March of 2021, is designed to help bring relief to households across the US. This plan created the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which provided vital aid to states, territories, and local governments to distribute to households behind on their rent payments.

These individual states, counties, and territories had their own funds to allocate, making it challenging for people to find the appropriate program for their area and situation. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program website by GROW was designed to provide a centralized resource making it easy for renters and landlords to find relief. To use the site, users need only enter their zip code to find their local program and basic qualification criteria.

Since the site’s launch in April of 2021, 1,744 individuals have used the ERAP website to locate the application for rental assistance in their county or state.

While GROW builds exciting, innovative websites for our amazing clients, sometimes we build incredible sites to make a difference in our community, too. What can we say, we just love solving problems! To learn more about GROW’s projects and tools like the Emergency Rental Assistance Program website and Mandated Reporter, follow us on social media.

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