June 20, 2016

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How to Use Your Blog to Capture Leads

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If content is your marketing strategy’s heavy hitter, you’re not alone. According to a 2015 report, 3 out of 4 marketers across the globe prioritize inbound marketing, including content marketing. However, if your content isn’t generating the leads you need, read on.

Five Tactics to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generation Machine

Most of the initial traffic on a new post will come from subscribers in your email list- people who are already leads in your database. For the best lead generation, however, you’ll want to target fresh traffic. Your most popular posts can help you do that.

Posts that have been widely read, shared, or linked to by other sites are prime real estate for fresh traffic. These popular posts are the ones that will draw in new readers through search engines or links from other blogs and social media posts.

Updating your most-read posts with relevant calls-to-action, links to new content, or subscriber sign-ups will keep them relevant and generate new leads.

#2: Embrace advanced content.

Offer longer, more in-demand content like quizzes, ebooks or reports, and ask for an email address in exchange for this information. You could offer any number of types of content. You might consider:

  • Guides
  • Exclusive content or subscription-based content
  • Newsletters
  • Quizzes and personalized reports

Premium content is the key to keeping your readers engaged and getting you the leads you need.

#3: Pay attention to your landing page.

A great call-to-action converts a reader to a lead, but a poor landing page can scare them off. These days, giving out your email to the wrong site can lead to a deluge of unwanted messages.

When you’re asking for a lead’s contact information, you’re asking for a lot.

You don’t want your landing page to feel like spam. The design should be clean, without a lot of ads. Reassure potential leads that they’re getting what they came for- one way to do this is to use the language from your call-to-action in the page’s title, and make sure the page’s appearance is consistent with the rest of your website.

#4: Take advantage of your email lists.

Don’t forget the power of all those emails you’re collecting. You can use your email list to reel in leads that may be a little hesitant. According to a study by the marketing company Brafton, 51% of Business to Business companies say email marketing is the most effective practice for lead generation. If you don’t see a rise in interest after sending them their ebook or report, try suggesting other posts they might be interested in, or offer a subscription to your newsletter.

#5: Use your content wisely. (Don’t be spam.)

A good ebook doesn’t have quite the same impact today that it used to. When you’re enticing leads to your landing page, or following up with an email, remember that your email will be one of many in their inbox- or even worse, in their spam folder. Why should they open yours when they ignore so many others?

The solution: be strategic.

To keep your audience from burning out on your content, it’s important to know what they’re looking for.

Which posts get the most hits? Which links get clicked on the most? Pay close attention to your analytics- it will tell you what your readers are the most interested in. If you gain a customer’s attention because they wanted a specific ebook or study, offer them related content. After all, now you know what they’re interested in. Making sure that the information you’re contacting them with is something they’re invested in will help you stay out of their spam folder.

Studies show that generating more contacts and leads, and then converting those individuals into customers, remains the top priority for businesses regardless of size or industry. Whether the company is a B2B, a B2C, or a non-profit, marketing departments share those priorities in common. If you’re concerned with increasing your blog’s ability to pull in leads, you’re in good company. Thinking strategically about how you’re using your blog’s content to reel in leads will help you stay current and effective.

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