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About the Company

Benchmark Communities is a leading home builder of high quality single-family homes with communities in eight states in the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Southeastern United States. Homebuyers recognize Benchmark Communities for their high-quality materials and construction, cutting edge home design, and first rate customer service.


Consolidate 33 separate community websites into one central hub representing each community

Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion

Improve device accessibility through Responsive Web Design

Improve overall content strategy and user experience to make the site more engaging

Design an easy way for users to determine community locations and consider homes/features

Make the website easy for multiple content contributors to maintain with an intuitive backend

Shape an enhanced web strategy allowing them to integrate social and blog capabilities

Integrate Live Support - Chat Danny


DNN Website Development

Future-Friendly Web Development

UX Design

API Integrations

Multiple Content Management Admin Roles


Content Strategy

Correct Legacy Performance Issues

Specific Challenges

Benchmark Communities builds several new communities each year, and each of these communities is a website unto itself. Our goal was to create a site that brought the brought all of the communities together under one cohesive brand image, with an intuitive back end that would allow multiple content contributors to maintain it.

A major challenge in this project was making it as easy as possible for the client to quickly generate a new portal for a community, with all its functionality and starter content. The design also had to allow easy alteration of page layouts for housing plans, and custom widgets, and to have that redesign translate across all communities. To accommodate these requirements we used a third party component, XMod forms to code up the administration interface and key layouts.

We created one parent site,, and 33 microsites with unique domains, one for each community. While we designed one cohesive organizational site, the scope of this project was really 34 independent websites, giving the organization the ability to add new sites as communities are created, as well as the ability to shut off a community as its homes sell out.