About the Company

Seismic is a leading sales enablement solution provider. Their custom, end-to-end, mobile first solutions are transforming the way sales and marketing departments work together, resulting in increased productivity, reduced sales cycles, and better customer satisfaction.


Develop sophisticated website design with carefully calculated user experience

Improve device accessibility through Responsive Web Design

Improve overall content strategy

Create an engaging content strategy and online environment

Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion

Build a site that is easy for multiple content contributors to maintain with an intuitive backend

Refresh the brand and overall look and feel of the online experience

Shape an enhanced web strategy allowing integration of social and blog capabilities

Create a website that is better aligned with their brand direction and company culture


WordPress Website Development

Future-Friendly Web Development

UX Design

Animation, scroll-jacking & secondary navigation


Content Strategy

Specific Challenges

GROW was hired to complete the development of the Seismic website, with custom design and user experience completed by San Francisco design agency Muhtayzik Hoffer. The focal challenge of the Seismic project was developing a complex interactive user experience and associated animations on the WordPress platform. (WordPress was a stipulation requested by the client).

The key animations lie in the Engagement Lifecycle, where the Seismic story comes to life. Hundreds of dynamic parts and carefully calculated actions create a seamless user experience with otherwise complicated content. The animations were responsively developed, generating a different experience for the desktop, the tablet and the mobile user.

The resulting Seismic website product was pushed to design perfection by MTZHF while GROW worked tirelessly to develop a clean and seamless product.