a mountain lion reading where the wild things go

Melissa Zimmerman

Content Specialist

Bibliophile. Logophile. Big picture visionary. Bookworm. Decaf.  I love learning the ins and outs of new industries and developing strategies that drive growth. More importantly, I love crafting creative content that illuminates a client’s unique point of view. I have a tendency to overuse smiley faces and exclamation marks when emailing (you’ve been warned!!) - like Buddy the Elf, “Smiling’s my favorite!”

Shout Outs

Visit Bend

California is home, but Central Oregon is my heart. Take a trip and experience the microbrews, outdoor adventures, and idyllic mountain life for yourself.

I Love Coffee

Because I do love coffee. Maybe too much. If you love coffee, smiles, infographics, puppies, and rainbows, you’re gonna love this entertaining site.

The Oatmeal

And if you love dinosaurs, bears, Sriracha, grammar, and laughing so hard you shoot coffee out of your nose and all over your laptop, check out the Oatmeal.

Sacramento SPCA

Did you know that pets lower your stress levels, make you thinner, and take years off your face? Well, those last few points may not be true, but maybe consider giving a furry friend a new lease on life, anyways.

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