Michelle Ryan

Director of User Experience

Creative monkey with a knack for understanding what makes people love a product and connect to it. I dig solving problems and telling stories through product design that people care about. It’s about finding that perfect combination of compelling design, writing, and strategy that draws people in so they can’t look away while simultaneously solving a problem for the user.

Shout Outs

These are things I care about. You should too :)


My project that works with indie bands to help at-risk youth.


My band. Woohoo!


Jeremiah Jae

Foreign Legion

Oakland Hip Hop


Sac Town Metal

Viet Cong

Death (Live on KEXP)


Jacqueline Casey

Visayan Forum

Org that fights human trafficking in the Philippines

Love Never Fails

Org that fights human trafficking in the SF Bay Area


Just the best sushi around...

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Auburn, CA 95603

PO Box 9001
Auburn, CA 95604

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