March 17, 2022

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Why We Collected a WoW NFT that Gives Cancer the Middle Finger

Image of a World of Women NFT framed on a gallery wall.

The GROW office in Northern California is an homage to artists and creatives. The walls are lined with physical prints from artists Shepard Fairey, Emek, Baroness frontman John Baizley, and more. When you have an office full of artists, creators, and innovators, it comes as no surprise that physical art is an important part of the space.

GROW’s team doesn’t just collect physical art pieces that can hang on walls; the WEB3 development team has also embraced digital NFT artwork, as well.

When the GROW team looks to add an NFT (non-fungible token) generative art piece to its collection, they seek out certain attributes in these one-of-a-kind works.

Naturally, digital versions of Shepard Fairey’s works have made their way into the GROW NFT collection. But Fairey is in, well, fairer company in the GROW wallet, because most of GROW’s NFT collectibles come from female creators and women-led NFT collections.

GROW’s leadership team has an affinity for collections from World of Women, 1989 Sisters, Flower Girls, and 1687, to name a few.

These women-led NFT collections are making waves in the NFT community and GROW is just one of many NFT collectors to take notice of these incredible works of generative art.

One World of Women token, in particular, really caught the attention of GROW. The NFT is the perfect visual representation of the battle against cancer fought by GROW’s Agency Director, Jill Briggs.

Jill’s career as a stylist spans over 20 years and across multiple industries, from beauty and fashion to the art and tech worlds.

As a professional makeup artist, stylist, and art director, Jill spent decades deploying her eye for style and beauty to ensure her clients looked their best in front of the camera. She is known for her unique style, which focuses on her client’s natural personality and beauty to create looks that are elegant, balanced, and flattering to the individual.

Dual image of Jill Briggs working as a makeup artist alongside an image of a Flower Girls NFT.

Jill’s career and life were disrupted in 2018 when she received a shocking diagnosis.

Jill was diagnosed with ovarian clear cell carcinoma, an extremely aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

As a mother with two young sons at home, Jill threw herself fully into the process of healing.

During her cancer journey, Jill began using her skills in a different capacity as she consulted with GROW on website projects where a keen eye for design and style was needed. While most of her efforts were spent in getting her ovarian cancer into remission, applying her design eye to the digital world was a welcome distraction.

Dual image of Jill Briggs during her fight with ovarian cancer alongside an image of a World of Women NFT.

Now cancer-free four years after her diagnosis, Jill has transitioned her profession from the physical world of the beauty and fashion to the WEB3 world of digital art and NFTs, a transformation that began during many hours of contemplating her life, priorities, and goals while battling cancer.

Before her diagnosis, Jill would spend a lot of time traveling for work and being away from her family, home, and sons. After her diagnosis, Jill realized that time spent with her family was an incredible gift, and that her talents as an artist and stylist could be applied in an entirely new way as the Creative Director at GROW.

At the user-centric web development firm that prizes innovation and art, Jill’s talents for style and eye for beauty fit right in.

And as GROW began to explore WEB3 and the amazing world of NFTs, Jill’s skills were easily adapted to art directing NFT projects.

GROW teamed with the female-led NFT project 1687 to leverage the power of WEB3 to create an NFT-based club that collaborates with creators and brands to support and produce projects that help advance causes related to civil rights, equality, peace and help make the world a better place. 1687 token holders are able to collaborate with the 1687 design team to design a bespoke NFT avatar or use a proprietary builder developed by GROW to create an avatar with attributes of their choosing. Behind the scenes of every bespoke avatar is Jill.

As the @NFTCatLady, Jill leads and directs a team of artists, using her eye for beauty and fashion to individually style every bespoke 1687 Club membership token for the NFT project. Every detail, from accessories to makeup to backgrounds, is overseen by Jill and her artful eye.

Which brings us back to GROW’s NFT collection and one very special piece: WOW NFT #3154.

The World of Woman NFT features a bald woman wearing teal-colored lipstick. Teal is the official color for ovarian cancer, and the hairless woman is an homage to the hair loss Jill experienced as a result of her chemotherapy treatment.

When the GROW team saw WoW #3154, they chose this particular token to honor and appreciate Jill’s life and her ovarian cancer journey. We are so grateful that Jill is still here with us and part of our amazing team.

GROW may have an art collection of physical and digital pieces that represent the tech company’s tastes, but this piece will always have a place of honor as the one that represents a team member that is the heart, soul, and style of GROW.

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